Our commitment to accessibility

Trans Mountain is committed to creating an environment that is inclusive to all persons. We understand the importance of fostering an accessible and welcoming environment for our employees, customers, community members and regulators. As an organization, we respect and uphold the requirements outlined in the Accessible Canada Act (ACT). Because of our dedication to accessibility, we will integrate accessibility legislation into our company policies, procedures, and programs.

Accessibility is not a one-time goal. It is an ongoing effort. Our multi-year commitment outlines the approach and actions that Trans Mountain will put in place to improve opportunities for people with disabilities. It also allows us to consider ways to be more inclusive in the future.

Share Your Accessibility Feedback

Trans Mountain welcomes your feedback on accessibility, especially from persons with disabilities. We are continuously reviewing our current process for receiving feedback about accessibility.

Feedback related to barriers to accessibility at Trans Mountain or the implementation of Trans Mountain’s Accessibility Plan can be directed to:

A receipt of feedback will be provided in the same format that it is received so long as the feedback is not submitted anonymously.