Construction of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project in the BC Interior includes spread 5A pipeline construction and work at three facilities.

Communities included in the BC Interior are:

  • Black Pines
  • Kamloops
  • Merritt

Spread 5A Pipeline Construction

Pipeline construction extends from Black Pines (approximately 40 km north of Kamloops) to the Coquihalla Summit. Work consists primarily of conventional pipeline construction techniques, with trenchless techniques being used for the Thompson River, Nicola River and Coldwater Creek crossings.

Surerus Murphy Joint Venture (SMJV) is the contractor responsible for this work, which includes:

  • Approximately 185 km of pipeline construction
  • 18 valve assembly installations
  • Three trenchless crossings using horizontal directional drilling

SMJV came into being in 2015 when Surerus Pipeline Inc. and J. Murphy & Sons entered into a formal agreement to pursue and complete large pipeline projects in Canada. Both companies have a history of successfully delivering large pipeline projects in challenging conditions — and the strong family business heritage has been a key component in the growth of the joint venture.

Facilities Construction

Cord will be responsible for undertaking work at the Kamloops Terminal and two pump stations within this region. Pump stations contain electric motors, also called pump stations, that maintain the pressure and flow rate in the pipeline. Work includes:

  • Construction of the new Black Pines Pump Station
  • Kamloops Terminal
  • Upgrades to the Kingsvale Pump Station

Cord has extensive experience with terminal and pump station construction in Western Canada, including more than 50 similar pump stations and work on terminals with more than 30 million barrels of storage.