Burnaby Terminal Today

Burnaby Terminal is the end point of the Trans Mountain Pipeline System. It is a distribution point for crude oil and refined products to local terminals – the Chevron refinery and the Westridge Marine Terminal. Burnaby Terminal currently has 13 tanks with a combined storage capacity of 1.6-m bbl with secondary and tertiary containment. 

The tanks are painted green to minimize appearance on the landscape. Burnaby Terminal has odour mitigation, fire protection and emergency response equipment. The existing pipelines and piping include a 24-inch pipeline from Strathcona County, Alberta, a 24-inch pipeline to Westridge Marine Terminal, manifold and metering equipment, water treatment facilities and maintenance buildings and offices.

Burnaby Terminal Expansion Layout

The Burnaby Terminal will be expanded within the existing property.  One existing tank will be demolished and 14 new tanks, including secondary containment, will be built resulting in a total of 26 tanks. Additional changes will ensure continued facility safety and include full-surface fire-protection systems and odour abatement equipment on all new tanks. The expansion will also include an enhanced stormwater treatment system.

Public input will help determine the colour of the tanks – lighter colours reduce emissions.

Changes to the terminal will also include relocation of existing delivery pipelines at the terminal to accommodate the expansion and connection to the existing electrical grid. 

Burnaby Terminal Expansion

Burnaby Tunnel

A tunnel running directly between Burnaby Terminal and Westridge Marine Terminal is designed for two new 30-inch Westridge Delivery Pipelines. A result of input and feedback received during engagement, the tunnel will avoid construction through residential neighbourhoods. As the tunnel portals will be built on existing Trans Mountain facilities construction impacts to neighbours will be reduced.

The existing 24-inch Westridge Delivery Pipeline will be decommissioned, subject to separate regulatory application and approval. An additional 30-inch Westridge Delivery Pipeline will be installed in the tunnel to replace it. The piping will connect tanks to pipelines via valve manifolds with additional mechanical and pump equipment, and electrical, instrumentation and control equipment. The expansion will also incorporate sophisticated shut-down systems and other instrumentation.

We’ve undertaken substantial environmental studies and mitigation planning to reduce impacts to the environment during the construction and operation of the expansion.  As an example we’ve developed a water management plan, tree removal plan and emissions management program to ensure we meet our goal of having as little impact as possible.