The approval of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project is subject to 156 Conditions. In addition to a series of conditions addressing specific technical issues, there are overarching conditions. One of these conditions is that all commitments, plans or programs included, referenced or agreed to on the hearing record, are now regulatory requirements of the Canada Energy Regulator (CER).

To assist the CER and all stakeholders in tracking the implementation of commitments we made in our Project application and/or on the hearing record, we must regularly file and post a Commitments Tracking Table, as per Condition 6.

The following Table provides updated information regarding our Project-related commitments and the status of each commitment.

The commitments included in the Commitment Tracking Table are specific in nature and relate to how the Project will be constructed or operated, beyond what is already required by applicable legislation. Statements of intent, goals or objectives are generally not included in the Table. Action items from issues discussed in meetings with stakeholders or Aboriginal groups are not included in the Table. Commitments made to landowners or Aboriginal groups relating to contractual agreements are not public and, therefore, not included in the Table.

General environmental mitigation measures have been included in the Commitments Tracking Table. However, site-specific mitigation measures to be included in the updated Environmental Protection Plans, Environmental Alignment Sheets and from traditional land use studies are not included in the Table.

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