1. All funds are advanced as grants and will be used for the sole purpose of the – (the Project) for which the funds were awarded to (the Recipient). No funding shall be used for any political activity that disqualifies an entity from being a registered charitable organization under CRA (Canada) or IRS (U.S.) policies.
  2. Any changes to this Application or Agreement require prior written approval by Trans Mountain Corporation (Trans Mountain).
  3. All funds provided by Trans Mountain to the Recipient under this Agreement are paid as grants or subsidies.
  4. Any funds not used will be returned to Trans Mountain promptly following completion or cancellation of the Project.
  5. The Recipient acknowledges and agrees that Trans Mountain will not be responsible for any additional costs related to the Project. The Recipient shall be solely responsible for any and all payments or deductions required to be made on behalf of the Project, including those required for Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Workers Compensation, or income tax.
  6. The Recipient must ensure all adults involved in the Project who will have contact with minors or vulnerable populations, have passed a criminal record check conducted through an appropriate policing authority having jurisdiction over the Recipient.
  7. Trans Mountain may terminate its obligations under this Agreement without cause with immediate effect on written notice to the Recipient, in which case it will be responsible only for costs incurred by the Recipient up to the termination date in respect of the Project in an amount up to, but not exceeding, the amount of the funds agreed to be paid by Trans Mountain to the Recipient.
  8. The Recipient will indemnify and save harmless Trans Mountain, its officers, directors, employees, servants and agents from and against any and all claims and demands, including personal injury or death, arising from the Recipient’s implementation of the Project or this Agreement, except to the extent that such loss is caused or contributed to by the negligence of Trans Mountain.
  9. The Recipient agrees to ensure that all necessary permits and licenses are obtained to complete the Project.
  10. The Recipient agrees to maintain accurate financial records with supporting receipts for the Project and will provide the same to Trans Mountain on request.
  11. The Recipient agrees to provide any or all of the following at Trans Mountain’s request:
    1. Confirmation of the Recipient’s legal or corporate status;
    2. Confirmation of the authorized signatories of the Recipient and the authority of the Recipient to enter into this Agreement and proceed with the Project;
    3. Confirmation of reasonable insurance coverage in place for the Project; and;
    4. A final report for the Project on a template provided by Trans Mountain.
  12. Unless Trans Mountain otherwise requires, the Recipient will use reasonable efforts to include Trans Mountain’s logo and acknowledge Trans Mountain’s contribution pursuant to this Agreement on all project-related materials, such as website, brochures, posters and news releases.
  13. The Recipient may enter into this Agreement by signing below and submitting the Agreement to Trans Mountain.  Trans Mountain will be deemed to have entered into this Agreement if the associated funding application is approved by Trans Mountain and Trans Mountain advises the Recipient of such approval by e-mail.