As part of the National Energy Board (NEB) regulatory process, Trans Mountain was required to submit a Plan, Profile and Book of Reference (PPBoR). The PPBoR contains:

  • detailed maps of the lands required for the Project
  • descriptions of the portion of land proposed to be used by the Project in each parcel of land to be crossed
  • the numbers of the parcels
  • the area, length and width of the portion of each parcel used
  • the names of the owners and occupiers

Trans Mountain filed the detailed route in segments in February and March 2017. These segments, and their filing dates, are described in more detail below.

When the PPBoR is filed, notices are issued to affected landowners which contain routing information and maps. After submission of the PPBoR, affected landowners have the opportunity to comment on, and if they wish, oppose the proposed detailed route and the methods of construction by filing a statement of opposition with the NEB. The timelines for filing a statement of opposition are set out in the NEB Act and are explained in Chapter 4 of the NEB’s Landowner Guide:

"The NEB Act sets out how much time you have to file your written statement of opposition. A person whose lands are crossed by the pipeline has 30 days from the date they are served notice of the proposed detailed route. A person who anticipates their lands may be adversely affected by the proposed detailed route of the pipeline has 30 days from the date of the last notice’s publication.”

The NEB will consider all comments and objections that meet the requirements of the NEB Act and may hold a public hearing to gather further information. If a hearing is held, the NEB will forward a copy of its decision and reasons to the Federal Minister and each person who made representations to the NEB at the hearing either approving or declining the PPBoR for the particular section. We can only start construction of a particular segment after the NEB approves the PPBoR for that segment and we acquire the associated land rights. A full explanation of the detailed route process is contained within the NEB Landowner Guide.

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