Trans Mountain has submitted a Plan, Profile and Book of Reference (PPBoR) for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project with the National Energy Board (NEB). The PPBoR provides detailed information on the route for the pipeline, including the lands affected by the detailed route. Trans Mountain divided its PPBoR into seven segments, four of which are further divided into sub-segments. 

The NEB has commenced the regulatory review and approval process for the detailed route of the Project. The Board is currently in the process of considering all written statements submitted by landowners, Aboriginal groups and other persons for each PPBoR segment.

Public hearings will be scheduled for each PPBoR segment. These hearings will enable affected landowners, Aboriginal groups and other persons who meet the requirements of the NEB Act to present their views to the NEB. The NEB will consider all written and oral evidence presented during the hearing. The NEB will render a decision to determine the best possible route and the most appropriate methods and timing of constructing the pipeline.

Trans Mountain can only start construction of a particular segment after the NEB approves the PPBoR for that segment, required conditions are fulfilled and Trans Mountain acquires the associated land rights. A full explanation of the detailed route process is contained within the NEB Landowner Guide.

Route Realignment Applications

Trans Mountain has also filed applications under section 21 of the NEB Act to realign the route in seven locations. The NEB has commenced the regulatory review and approval process for the route realignment applications. Following a comment period, the NEB determined to hold a public hearing for the Chilliwack Route Realignment.

Notices of Public Hearing

Below is a list of current notices of public hearings:

Location NEB Information
Greater Edmonton and West Edmonton to Jasper (Segments 1 and 2) Letter of Decision
Hearing Orders Detailed Route Segments 1 and 2
Hargreaves to Blue River and Blue River to Darfield (Segments 3 and 4) Letter of Decision 
Hearing Order Detailed Route Segments 3 and 4
Chilliwack Route Realignment Chilliwack route realignment hearing order [Filing A85763] 
Chilliwack route realignment project page 
Participant Funding Program information
Surrey, Coquitlam and Burnaby (Segment 7) Letter of Decision
Hearing Order Detailed Route Segment 7