Edmonton Terminal Today

The Trans Mountain Pipeline starts at our Edmonton Terminal. It’s in an area zoned for heavy industrial activity in Strathcona County (near Edmonton), Alberta. 

Twenty feeder lines from throughout Alberta arrive at Edmonton Terminal. It has 20 regulated storage tanks with an overall volume of 2.9 million bbl, these tanks are used to support the operating requirements of the mainline system, by temporarily storing both crude oil and refined products before they are sent to their delivery destinations. In addition, there are currently 15 merchant tanks at Edmonton Terminal leased to customers for storage and operational needs of those customers with a volume of 5.1 million bbl. 

The Control Centre Operations (CCO) for our pipeline and facilities has been located at the Edmonton Terminal since 2000. The COO remotely monitors all aspects of the pipeline system operations with a sophisticated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition  (SCADA) system. 

Edmonton Terminal Construction 

As a part of the Project, we’re adding four new storage tanks to the Edmonton Terminal bringing the total to 39. At startup two of the current merchant tanks will also be converted to being regulated. The new tanks will add approximately 970,000 bbl of capacity to the Terminal for a total of 9.0 million bbl. Other expansion work includes new manifold interconnectivity to connect existing tanks to the new pipeline and a new electrical substation to power the new infrastructure. 

Edmonton Terminal TanksEdmonton Terminal Tanks


With the addition of new tanks, we will be enhancing our fire protection system. KML has a sophisticated fire suppression system:

  • Firewater pond, accessible year round
  • On-site storage of fire-suppression foam concentrate
  • Full site water and foam coverage via a system of pumps, hoses, trucks hydrants, sprinklers and cannons
  • Access to additional manpower, foam concentrate and foam cannons through the Strathcona District Municipal Aid Program 

We test the fire equipment regularly to ensure it will be fully functional if there’s an emergency. As an entity regulated by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER), the Edmonton Terminal is required to adhere to the codes and standards of the National Fire Protection Association. Find out more about our enhanced emergency management planning here

Minimizing Disruption During Construction

Trans Mountain and our contractors will work to limit noise, dust and night lighting during construction in order to minimize disruption to our neighbours.

Where practical, we will meet or exceed expectations outlined in applicable municipal and provincial permits by bylaws. We will continue to talk with and update communities about our construction activities before and during construction and will establish a community and construction liaison for each affected community.