The successful completion of the Anchor Loop project was the culmination of years of planning and execution of a very complex and highly scrutinized pipeline project. Extremely rugged terrain, stringent environmental requirements and intense regulatory scrutiny were all challenges that were met with excellence. The success of the Anchor Loop project can be attributed to the contributions of many — a strong collaborative effort and teamwork between Kinder Morgan Canada’s project team, consultants, contractors, the regulatory community, Aboriginal Peoples and stakeholders.

In 2010, Kinder Morgan Canada received a prestigious Emerald Award from the Alberta Emerald Foundation. Each year, Emerald Awards “recognize and reward the excellent environmental initiatives undertaken each year by large and small corporations, individuals, not-for-profit associations, community groups and governments.”

Of six finalists in the “business” category, Kinder Morgan Canada was one of three companies to receive this prestigious award that year.

Of this distinction, Greg Toth, Anchor Loop Project Director (and Project Director for the current Trans Mountain Expansion Project) said: “The Emerald Awards are a great forum that provide formal recognition of the wonderful work people are doing to preserve the environment. Without these awards a lot of the hard work people do would largely go unrecognized.”


The Alberta Emerald Foundation is working to raise public awareness about air, water and land quality, about the importance of preserving Alberta’s biological diversity, and fostering knowledge, values and behaviours to ensure a healthy environment. The Foundation has been recognizing, celebrating and inspiring environmental excellence in Alberta for more than 20 years. 

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