Key Public Safety Information

Trans Mountain and Puget Sound

In case of a pipeline emergency, please call toll-free 24 hours:


Although rare, pipeline spills require immediate action and caution. If you notice any of the following, or suspect a pipeline emergency, please immediately call 911 and the Trans Mountain Emergency line at 1.888.876.6711. Emergency information is also noted on all our pipeline markers located along the pipeline right-of-way.


  • A strong petroleum odour (like gasoline or diesel fuel)
  • Strong sulphur smell (like rotten eggs)


  • Dead or discoloured vegetation
  • Isolated vapour or mist clouds
  • Pools of liquid when the rest of the right-of-way is dry
  • Petroleum sheen on water
  • Dense fog-like plumes or frost balls


  • Unusual hissing or roaring sound