The most critical and responsible emergency preparedness strategy is to prevent an incident from occurring at all. However, in the case of an incident, KML is prepared to respond quickly with detailed emergency procedures and trained professionals. We combine careful planning with regular training, equipment deployments and mock emergency exercises. Additionally, KML completes annual updates to its Emergency Management Program (EMP) documents.

KML’s EMP is a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and processes designed to support our commitment to the safety and security of the public, workers, company property and the environment.

KML’s current EMP includes the following emergency response plans (ERPs). The plans are location specific and cover all current operations for the pipeline and associated facilities as outlined on the map below. The ERPs also identify locations of emergency response materials and equipment, are regularly practiced through field deployment and are constantly being updated to keep them current. To learn more about how the ERPs are being enhanced to accommodate the Trans Mountain Expansion Project click here.

Geographic Response Planning

Geographic Response Planning enables a timely and more effective response to mitigate potential impacts to the environment by providing pre-identified control points, response tactics and other geographically specific information. Click here to get more information on the location of the Pipeline System, and associated Geographic Response Plan Data Sheets.

Note: An interactive map will open in another window, if you wish to view the district specific GRP’s see the below section on Geographic Response Plans.

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