Our Approach

Managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters responsibly is not something new at Trans Mountain. It is a part of our past, present and an integral part of our future. Our 2020 ESG report is our first formal effort to communicate our ESG practices and progress.

Our current approach to ESG management involves working on the ESG topics below. As society evolves, we will reassess what specific environmental, social and governance issues we focus on.


Our pipeline crosses some of the most rugged, mountainous terrain in the world as well as wetlands, waterways, and parkland. While we operate in a challenging environment, our pipeline has delivered safe and reliable energy transportation for more than 65 years. We take great care to respect the traditional use of the land and Indigenous heritage resources. During the Expansion Project activities, our goal is to minimize our impacts on the environment and to offset remaining impacts on the climate, wetlands, and biodiversity.


We respect the communities where we operate and work hard to build and maintain these relationships. We operate in a manner consistent with Canada’s commitment to advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Whether it is through the course of our daily operations or during construction, we are committed to operating responsibly and safely to protect our employees, contractors, and the public. We also foster a positive, inclusive, and diverse work environment.


Our Board of Directors and leadership team work to set a positive example for all employees and contractors by acting with integrity. Our policies and practices establish clear expectations and foster accountability at all levels of the organization. Our training gives employees the necessary tools to meet the commitments contained in our policies. Our decisions consider the long-term vision for our company and incorporate environmental and social factors. As societal expectations of corporations evolve, we remain attuned to shifts in risks and opportunities, and adjust our business practices accordingly.