Twinning the Trans Mountain Pipeline system requires more storage tank capacity and pump stations along the route.  We’re focused on expanding existing facilities and reducing the need for extra land.

Pump Stations 

Pump stations contain electric motors that drive the pumps to maintain the pressure and flow rate in the pipeline. To support the expanded pipeline system, we’re adding 11 new pump stations along the route and one new pump station will be added on the existing pipeline. Ten of the new pump stations will be added at existing facilities. This means we need only one  new site in BC to include a pump station for both the existing and new pipeline.


 To accommodate the increased capacity of the pipeline system, we’re adding new storage tanks at existing Trans Mountain terminals.  All additions will take place within the existing footprint of the terminals, so we don’t need additional land.. All tanks will be constructed in accordance with API Standard 650 - Welded Tanks for Oil Storage.

Construction Details

Edmonton Terminal — We’re expanding the Edmonton Terminal with four new storage tanks, taking the total number to 39. The additional tanks will add approximately 1,315,000 bbl of  capacity to the facility, bringing the total to 9.25 million barrels. Learn more about this terminal expansion here.

Sumas Terminal — We’re adding only one new tank to the Sumas Terminal for a total of seven tanks and an approximate increase in  capacity from 715,000 bbl to 890,000 bbl. Learn more about this terminal expansion here.

Burnaby Terminal — The Burnaby Terminal will require the largest expansion – adding  14 new tanks to the 13 currently on site. One of the existing tanks will be demolished resulting in a total of 26 tanks which  will increase the approximate  capacity at the terminal from 1.685 million bbl to 5.555 million bbl. In addition to new storage tanks, we’re adding two more delivery lines from the Burnaby Terminal to Westridge Marine Terminal. These will be installed in a tunnel through Burnaby Mountain. Learn more about this terminal expansion here.

Westridge Marine Terminal — We’re replacing the existing dock facilities at the Westridge Marine Terminal with three new berths to accommodate the increase in tanker traffic volume. These berths will be designed for the mid-sized Aframax range of tankers; the largest vessel we serve today. Learn more about the proposed changes here.