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We are working as quickly as we can to safely complete the construction of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project near your neighbourhood. As communicated in early summer, due to challenging ground conditions and unforeseen issues we are experiencing delays with our two trenchless construction locations near the Fraser Heights Neighbourhood. As a follow-up to our last communication, we would like to share an update and next steps for the activities underway, the mitigations that are in place to support community impacts and remediation, as well as what to expect post-construction.

Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) Update

The HDD is located parallel to the South Fraser Perimeter Road between approximately 166A Street and 105A Avenue. To address challenges in this location, our crews have recently implemented an advanced series of geotechnical boreholes, which are small holes drilled into the ground that will better help us understand the soil conditions at deeper depths than the original path of the HDD. Based on the results of the boreholes, crews can then complete a revised HDD at a deeper depth utilizing similar entry and exit locations. Activities for the HDD are planned to commence in September 2023* and continue into Fall 2023*.

Direct Pipe Installation (DPI) Update

The original design for the DPI featured two main hubs of activity: (1) an entry location immediately north of 114 Avenue and 157A Street, where the pipe enters the ground, and (2) an exit location immediately north of 113B Avenue, where the pipe comes out the ground. Challenging ground conditions has caused the pipe to become stuck and efforts to extract the stuck pipe were not successful.

To move forward with the DPI, crews plan to conduct a vertical excavation to gain access to the location where the pipe is stuck, north of 113B Avenue near the original exit location. The shaft process involves pushing interlocked concrete panels downward into the ground using hydraulic jacks. The soil inside this shaft will be progressively removed using excavators and hauled off-site. Once the target depth has been achieved, a piece of equipment will be pushed from the bottom of the shaft to envelop the stuck pipe and provide a continuous path from the entry location to the surface. The pipeline will then be installed through the shaft to complete the DPI.

Impacts and Mitigations

Our commitment is to continue to provide updates to our neighbours who may be impacted by our activities. During our temporary activities in your neighbourhood, our team will continue to ensure that traffic control is provided, and plans are in place to support the ongoing activities. This may include intermittent traffic stoppages, parking restrictions, single-lane alternating traffic, and increased traffic volumes, all to support activities such as the transportation of heavy equipment and oversized loads to our construction areas.

Additionally, we have a number of mitigation measures in place to reduce impacts of noise, light, dust and vibration that may be more impactful to residents living closer to our work locations. We have completed supplementary noise modelling and have installed sound walls to dampen noise and provide a visual barrier around the perimeter of the DPI work site.

Dust and dirt often increase during construction activities, especially in the warmer months and will be mitigated using industry best practices, including water trucks and street sweepers.

Next Steps

To complete the HDD and DPI as quickly and as safely as possible, crews are required to conduct work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, under approved construction permits for the near term. It is currently anticipated that core activities will be complete in Fall 2023*, after which crews will conduct welding, backfill and reclamation activities Monday to Saturday from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm*.


Our goal is to return the land to its original function or better without compromising operations or maintenance requirements. Reclamation activities may include hydroseeding, ornamental and tree planting where applicable, curb or asphalt replacement and other activities based on the land's requirements.

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*All timelines subject to change and dependent on pipeline construction progress