We are seeking your input to our plans for access during construction at Burnaby Terminal. Ongoing dialogue assists us in understanding and addressing specific questions and concerns regarding construction and operation of the pipeline and associated facilities.

Traffic Management

One of the activities currently underway is planning traffic access to Burnaby Terminal. With temporary construction activities planned over 28 months, we will develop traffic management plans to minimize disruption to neighbours. These plans are guided by the following Traffic Management Principles:

  • Trans Mountain will work with the local municipality to develop plans
  • Design will incorporate traffic count information
  • Design will maintain pedestrian and bicycle access
  • Notification will be developed in consultation with local residents and municipality, and may include traffic control, changeable message boards and signage

Some of the measures planned to reduce impact of truck traffic to Burnaby Terminal during construction include:

  • Most excavated material will remain onsite, which will reduce truck traffic
  • Construction workers will be bussed to site from a central yard (offsite, location TBD)
  • Reduce construction traffic in residential neighbourhood by constructing proposed secondary access to Burnaby Terminal from Gaglardi Way
  • Truck traffic staged on Underhill Avenue north of Forest Grove Drive controlled by flag people, trucks parked with engines off
  • Maintain local residential traffic and access to Trans Mountain trail for pedestrians

Hours of Work

The main hours of construction work at Burnaby Terminal will be between 7 am and 6 pm, five days a week. Saturdays and night-time work will occur. However, Saturday work will be reduced hours and night-time work will be low-noise activities.

Proposed Burnaby Terminal Construction Traffic Flow

To accommodate the need to move traffic safely in and out of Burnaby Terminal and reduce impact to the residential neighbourhood, we propose to construct a secondary access from Gaglardi Way into the Terminal.


Proposed Secondary Gaglardi Way Access Benefits:

  • Significantly reduce construction traffic including noise and dust in residential area south of Burnaby Terminal
  • Provide alternate two-direction emergency access into the terminal for construction and emergency access

The access will be designed for right hand turns in and out only. Left hand turns across Gaglardi Way traffic will not be part of the design. Constructing the access will require tree removals on Trans Mountain land only and construction of a shoulder lane on the south edge of Gaglardi Way adjacent to the Terminal.

Download a copy of the Gaglardi Way newsletter here.