As part of Trans Mountain’s commitment to environmental protection, we work in collaboration with Green Marine – a voluntary environmental performance program that includes both self-assessments and independent third-party verification for members of the North American marine industry.

Since 2013, Trans Mountain has participated in the Green Marine program, committing to benchmark and continuously improve environmental performance at our Westridge Marine Terminal.

Green Marine encourages its members to exceed regulatory standards on nine major environmental areas identified by the marine industry. Areas applicable to Westridge Marine terminal are:

  • Greenhouse gases and air pollutants
  • Water and land pollution prevention
  • Community impacts
  • Environmental leadership
  • Waste Management

Green Marine participants must benchmark their environmental performance using the program’s self-evaluation guides, have their results verified by an accredited external verifier and agree to publication of their individual results.

How Are We Doing?

The progress that participants make in this respect is evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5, where Level 1 represents the monitoring of regulations, and Level 5 reflects leadership and excellence. Green Marine publishes the results of this assessment on an annual basis, and releases the results here.

These ratings confirm that Trans Mountain continues to formally adopt management plans and conduct measurements for evaluating environmental impacts of our operations at Westridge Marine Terminal. Trans Mountain plans to continue with our successful management plans and our commitment to environmental protection.