Trans Mountain is committed to supporting diverse talent and fostering an inclusive workplace culture based on our core values of safety, integrity, respect and excellence.

We strive to be a workplace where our employees and contractors feel respected, supported, valued and free to be themselves regardless of their identity or background. We are dedicated to removing barriers to employment and ensuring we have a welcoming, fair, accessible and equitable workplace.

Why Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) matters at Trans Mountain:


  • Fosters a sense of belonging, integrity and respect.
  • Inclusion is about cultivating a welcoming culture of caring, respect, fair treatment, representation, access and belonging in the workplace.
  • At Trans Mountain, we foster progress by supporting our employees and contractors to embrace innovation, collectively striving for improved outcomes to create a better world.


  • Leads to excellent ideas and solutions.
  • Diversity is the way we are unique and different as individuals.
  • Trans Mountain is committed to fostering a shared sense of purpose where every employee can fulfill their potential without barriers based on gender identity and expression, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital or family status, neuro, mental or physical disability. 


  • Supports a diverse workforce and ensures our processes are fair.
  • Equity is the process of ensuring that our practices and programs provide equal opportunities for individuals to excel, reach their full potential and advance in their careers without barriers.
  • Trans Mountain prioritizes the well-being and success of employees and contractors.


  • Fundamental to the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion, creating an environment for individuals of all abilities.
  • Accessibility ensures Trans Mountain is actively addressing and removing barriers and biases to enable the fullest participation of individuals with disabilities.
  • Meeting the diverse needs of our workforce goes beyond addressing disability-related challenges. Inclusive workplaces benefit all.

Our Strategic Pillars

To achieve these commitments, we are focused on our four strategic pillars, which are connected and have a significant impact within the culture at Trans Mountain.

Sponsorship & Leadership

Enable leadership across the organization to demonstrate visible commitment to Trans Mountain’s IDEA strategy, initiatives and behaviour.

Understanding and Insight

Gather internal insights and external best practices about IDEA to inform the development of enterprise initiatives.

Education and Awareness

Promote knowledge and understanding of IDEA across the organization.

Engagement and Opportunities

Engage ambassadors and provide platforms for communities within Trans Mountain to progress the IDEA strategy.