To complete the twinning of the pipeline system, we will reactivate two pipeline segments that have been maintained in a deactivated state. The inspection and possible repair work of these pipeline segments are not included in  the TMEP construction plans, however are required before connecting to the expanded pipeline system. As a part of the Expansion Project construction we will also install new valves.

Inspection and repair work of these pipeline  segments is authorized under the original OC-2 Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the existing pipeline.

The first segment runs through Jasper National Park and the adjacent Mount Robson Provincial Park. Reactivation work will be carried out in a variety of locations in the parks. Some locations are already identified, and others will be determined through an inspection of the pipeline by tools that travel through the pipe called high resolution In-Line Inspection tools

All reactivation work in the parks is on lands that were previously disturbed, either during construction of the original Trans Mountain Pipeline or the more recent Anchor Loop Project

View the general construction timeline here