To complete the twinning of the pipeline system, Trans Mountain is reactivating a segment of pipeline that extends from Hinton, Alberta to Hargreaves, British Columbia. Upgrades to the existing Jasper Pump Station are also being done in this region.

Jasper – Mount Robson Reactivation Work

Simpcw Ledcor is the contractor responsible for the reactivation of the 150 km of pipeline in this region, which includes:

  • Integrity testing with in-line inspection tools
  • Pipeline repairs for any identified defects
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing to confirm the integrity of the line

Simpcw Ledcor, through Simpcw Resources Limited Liability Partnership, has previous experience working on the Anchor Loop expansion that was completed in 2008 as well as Ledcor’s long history of working on major pipeline projects.

Facilities Construction

Cord is the contractor responsible for undertaking the work at Jasper Pump Station. Pump stations contain electric motors that drive the pumps to maintain the pressure and flow rate in the pipeline. The upgrades at this facility will accommodate the increased operating needs of the expanded pipeline system.

Cord has extensive experience with terminal and pump station construction in Western Canada, including more than 50 similar pump stations and work on terminals that includes more than 30 million barrels of storage.