Another positive outcome of the Anchor Loop Project consultation process was Kinder Morgan Canada’s commitment to complete a project that would result in a net ecological benefit for both Jasper National Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park. This program, formerly known as the Anchor Loop Net Benefit Program, went beyond the mitigation and special measures needed for regulatory approval, and has since become known as the Trans Mountain Legacy Fund (TMLF).

Initially, this involved three separate components: 

  • A contribution to Mount Robson Provincial Park to support net benefit initiatives
  • A contribution to Jasper National Park to support net benefit initiatives
  • A donation of $2.2 million for ecological improvement projects, identified through consensus

Today, the TMLF supports projects that improve the ecological health of Mount Robson Provincial Park and Jasper National Park. As determined by the Fund Steering Committee, projects are providing positive action to improve the ecological conditions and knowledge of the corridor and adjacent lands. 

The TMLF steering committee includes representatives from Kinder Morgan Canada, the Government of British Columbia, Parks Canada, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (Southern Alberta Chapter) and the Fraser Headwaters Alliance.