The construction safety boom (CSB) defines the active construction area for the Westridge Marine Terminal (WMT) expansion. Only authorized persons are allowed within the CSB.

Until further notice, access to Westridge Marine Terminal will be available from the east through a ship gate in the construction safety boom.

  • Vessels seeking access to the Westridge Marine Terminal are requested to make prior arrangements through the vessel's agent.
  • A patrol launch, supply barges and water taxi will continue to call at the site, or move about the site as needed throughout each working day.
  • Please see Navigational Warning (NAVWARN) issued to Trans Mountain.
  • All marine traffic is advised to exercise caution when travelling through this area. Commercial traffic is requested to coordinate with the Contractor on VHF Channel 9 as necessary.
  • The CSB is provided with navigation marks including reflectors and flashing navigation lights (yellow and red) with visibility of a minimum two nautical mile range. Lights are placed every 25 m along the CSB panels. Radar reflectors are fitted at the northwest and northeast corner buoys.
  • The CSB is located within the CSZ boundary. Coordinates of the CSZ are as follows:
49 17.400 N 122 57.514 W
49 17.492 N 122 57.576 W
49 17.512 N 122 57.572 W
49 17.625 N 122 57.516 W
49 17.642 N 122 56.374 W
49 17.658 N 122 56.231 W
49 17.675 N 122 56.089 W
49 17.632 N 122 56.951 W
49 17.479 N 122 56.871 W

Reminder: operations at Westridge Marine Terminal will continue during construction. Access will be facilitated through the eastern gate.


  • A tug and a launch will remain in the CSZ and are standing by on VHF CH-09, 12 and 16
  • Ship’s agents and others such as water taxis, etc., seeking access to Westridge for operations purposes are requested to make necessary advance arrangements with their regular Westridge Operations contacts.
  • All other enquiries should be directed to [email protected] or 1.866.514.6700
  • For dock access, please contact: Westridge Marine Terminal; Telephone 604.298.3612.