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Meet Kiewit Bonatti TMEP Partnership: Construction Contractor for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project

Kiewit Bonatti TMEP Partnership is constructing Spread 5B – the portion of pipeline construction in the Coquihalla–Hope region – of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.


Indigenous Monitors: Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives into Construction Oversight

Indigenous Monitors work as an integrated part of the Expansion Project Environmental Inspection team.


Giving Back to our Communities: A Way of Life for Derek Pickford

Derek Pickford has been raising money and giving back to the communities he's lived and worked in for as long as he remembers.


Understanding Trans Mountain's Insurance

Trans Mountain is required to provide the CER with the necessary information about its insurance and readily accessible financial resources.


Update: June 2021 Capacity Announcement for the Trans Mountain Pipeline System

Total system nominations for the Trans Mountain Pipeline system are apportioned by 16 per cent for June 2021. The pipeline will be running full at its maximum capacity.


Project Update: Burnaby Mountain Tunnel

As part of the Expansion Project, Trans Mountain is constructing a 2.6-kilometre tunnel to connect Burnaby Terminal and Westridge Marine Terminal.


Emergency Management: Supplemental Plan Updates

​Trans Mountain has emergency response plans and guidelines in place to ensure a timely, safe, and effective response in the event of an incident.


Statement from Trans Mountain on Clearing Activities

We are working with the regulator to ensure and to demonstrate that we have the appropriate communications protocols in place for contractors at all levels.


Protecting Birds During Construction

To understand the significant efforts undertaken and regulations that Trans Mountain adheres to, we spoke with a few of our experienced environmental inspectors.


Time Flies: One Year of Construction in the Kamloops Urban Area

What a year it has been! In June 2020, Trans Mountain began construction in the Kamloops Urban Area (KUA) and in the past 12 months, we’ve seen tremendous progress.

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