A recent National Energy Board (NEB) ruling setting out parameters for hearings related to Trans Mountain’s Toll Application, has caused some public discussions about when and how environmental issues will be considered as part of the proposed Trans Mountain expansion project.

The Toll Application is not seeking approval of the project, but instead is focused on commercial terms between Trans Mountain and its customers, in the event the project is approved. Find more information about the Toll Application here.

Trans Mountain expects to file an application for approval of the project (“Facilities Application”) with the NEB in late 2013, which will ask for authorization to build and operate the necessary facilities for the proposed Trans Mountain expansion project. The Facilities Application will include the environmental, socio-economic, Aboriginal engagement, landowner and public consultation, and engineering components of the project. Filing the Facilities Application will initiate a comprehensive regulatory and public review.

More than 30 environmental and socio-economic studies will be carried out in 2012 and 2013 and that information will be included in the Facilities Application. Learn more about the environmental studies already underway.

For more information on the National Energy Board, the assessment process for projects and opportunities for public involvement, visit the NEB website.