Five years after a third-party contractor accidentally struck and ruptured the Trans Mountain Pipeline between the Burnaby and Westridge terminals, the local marine plant and animal life is experiencing continuous revitalization.

The July 24, 2007 incident released just over 1,400 barrels of oil into the surrounding area covering residential buildings, yards and roadways. Some of the oil entered Burrard Inlet through storm sewers.

Kinder Morgan Canada worked closely with government authorities and response contractors to clean up the released oil on the land and water quickly.

In order to return the neighbourhood to its pre-spill condition, homes affected by the spill were restored; contaminated soil and other materials removed; and gardens and lawns re-planted and landscaped. When completed, BC Ministry of Environment endorsed the efforts with a certificate of compliance.

Clean up in the marine environment was completed and signed off by a multi-agency assessment team. As a proactive measure, KMC implemented a long-term program to monitor contaminant levels in Burrard Inlet. Monitoring results have been encouraging and show marked improvements in environmental conditions each year. Studies suggest that the Burrard Inlet habitat has been experiencing continuous revitalization in the population and diversity of plant and animal life since the 2007 incident. This trend is expected to continue.