A project that added 158 kilometres of pipeline and additional capacity to the Trans Mountain system through Jasper National Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park four years ago is setting new standards in pipeline construction and environmental restoration.

Kinder Morgan Canada committed to a five-year post-construction monitoring program of the Anchor Loop project. Since 2008, the program has been evaluating the success and effectiveness of environmental protection and restoration measures. The results show restoration efforts have been successful, as indicated by:

  • Successful establishment of seed-producing native grass species in upland areas
  • Functional and stable riparian and wetland area
  • Evidence of increasing species diversity in aquatic, riparian and terrestrial plant communities
  • Forests located near the right-of-way show no increase in insect population or diseases following construction clearing
  • Wildlife trees and visual barriers being used by wildlife as habitat features
  • Successful recovery of areas disturbed during construction

KMC fulfilled its promise to return the right-of-way and surrounding highly-visible and environmentally-sensitive area to its original condition prior to the construction. And in order to preserve the area’s natural beauty and tourist attraction, the Company collaborated with Parks Canada to develop a restoration program to keep the integrity of the ecosystem.

Post-construction monitoring and ongoing right-of-way maintenance will continue with efforts such as weed management, seeding and planning in selected areas.