In a submission to the Government of Canada’s Tanker Safety Expert Panel, Kinder Morgan Canada (KMC), operator of the Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMPL), has outlined how it is working closely with the maritime community on the tanker safety aspect of the transportation chain.

The Panel, announced earlier this year, is conducting a pan-Canadian, evidence-based review and assessment of Canada's tanker safety system to make recommendations to the Government of Canada on the development of a world-class system. Specifically, the panel is addressing the system's structure, functionality and its overall efficiency and effectiveness. It asked stakeholders, interested groups and Canadians across the country for written submissions.

“As a company that safely and responsibly moves petroleum products every day – and has done so for the last six decades – we fully support the Panel’s review of Canada’s current tanker safety system,” said Mike Davies, Senior Director Marine Development, Kinder Morgan Canada.

In its submission, Trans Mountain says ensuring tanker safety is a goal shared by many companies, organizations and governments. As one of those participants and as part of its existing operations, Trans Mountain has consistently worked to bring parties to the table to advance opportunities to improve the safety and efficiency of tanker traffic. 

Trans Mountain’s engagement activities over the last year, related to its proposed twinning of the pipeline and expansion of its marine loading facility, have included public information sessions, workshops, meetings with community leaders and online discussions. Of all the feedback received so far, risk and safety – particularly pipeline safety and marine safety – have been the primary concerns. These include tanker safety, spill response capacity and the liability for spills.

This input is being be used to guide the development of studies, plans and design for the proposed expansion project. While Trans Mountain has a clearly-defined role related to tanker safety, the company is concerned that every aspect of the tanker safety transportation chain is well understood, managed and critically assessed. Trans Mountain is taking action by:

  • Working closely with the maritime community
  • Working to improve local mapping and preparedness
  • Working with Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) to establish planning standards to address the proposed expansion

Download Trans Mountain’s submission to the Tanker Safety Expert Panel.

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