The National Energy Board (NEB), in its April 2 Hearing Order, detailed the steps and deadlines for the review of our Application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity for our proposed expansion project.

The process was designed to be fair, transparent and efficient and includes multiple opportunities for more than 1,600 participants to provide comments, present evidence and ask us questions.

Trans Mountain has responded to a Motion to the NEB asking for them to amend their Hearing Order to include oral cross-examinations.

Kinder Morgan Canada’s Vice President of Regulatory and Finance, Scott Stoness said the hearing process includes more than 1,600 participants including 400 intervenors who have multiple opportunities to submit and test evidence through two rounds of information requests, with no limit to the number of questions.

“We believe the Board has outlined a fair and efficient review process that provides multiple opportunities for public involvement while also ensuring the review is completed within the legislated 15-month timeframe.”

Read the full Trans Mountain letter here.