UPDATE - August 22, 2014:

Due to cancellations, the NEB has rescheduled hearing oral traditional evidence for the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project from beginning on Monday, 25 August 2014 to beginning on Wednesday, 27 August 2014 in Edmonton.

As part of the regulatory review process for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, the National Energy Board (NEB) will begin to hear oral traditional evidence on Monday, August 25 in Edmonton.

These hearings provide registered Aboriginal Intervenors an opportunity to share information, such as stories, lessons and traditional knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation, that cannot be adequately conveyed in writing.

Aboriginal Intervenors may also file written evidence in addition to their oral traditional evidence. Other Intervenors, Trans Mountain or the Board may ask participants questions about their oral traditional evidence. It is up to the individual Aboriginal groups to decide whether they will respond to any questions orally, in writing or both.

The Edmonton sessions are the first of four sessions being held between August and November 2014.

Trans Mountain is committed to working with Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal groups in a spirit of co-operation and shared responsibility. The company is also committed to building and sustaining effective relationships based on mutual respect and trust to achieve respective business and community objectives.

Trans Mountain is engaging with Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal groups in Alberta and British Columbia to provide comprehensive information about, and seek feedback on, the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (the Project) and to identify any anticipated impacts of the Project. Learn more about the Aboriginal Oral Hearings, including a daily schedule of appearances available on the NEB website at www.neb-one.gc.ca/TransMountainExpansion. Live audio from the hearing will be streamed through the NEB website.

Quick Facts: 

• The NEB received notices of intent from 49 Aboriginal groups and individuals. 

• Oral Traditional Hearings will take place in four locations: Edmonton, Kamloops, Chilliwack and Victoria. 

• To date, Trans Mountain’s Aboriginal Engagement efforts have resulted in 68 engagement agreements, including Letters or Memorandums of Understanding, capacity funding agreements and integrated cultural assessments.  

• During the period of January 1, 2014 to April 30, 2014 12 agreements were executed.