On August 1, 2014, Trans Mountain filed Technical Update No. 1 and Consultation Update No.2 with the National Energy Board (NEB) as part of the ongoing process of providing information and responding to questions about the proposed project. The filing contains the following sections and information: 

Part 1: Routing Update:  Expands on updates to the pipeline corridor, as part of our ongoing work to optimize the route based on technical and environmental information gathered, and feedback received through ongoing engagement. 

Part 2: Risk Assessment:  Provides the results of unmitigated pipeline risk assessments and potential measures aimed at eliminating or significantly reducing potential risk. This assessment is in response to requests from Intervenors and the NEB. An important part of developing the Project, it will help us design and build the pipeline in keeping with our commitment to safely construct and operate the Project. 

Part 3: Human Occupancy and Resource Use:  Provides an update on land uses for the 4 km segment of the preferred pipeline corridor from Burnaby Terminal to the Westridge Marine Terminal and in response to an information request from the NEB.  

Part 4: High-Sensitivity Wetland Areas:  Gives an overview of High-Sensitivity Wetland Areas for the Lower Mainland in response to an information request from Environment Canada.  

Part 5: Consultation Update No. 2:  Documents consultation activities undertaken as part of our ongoing efforts to provide information and gather input and feedback about the Project . It includes a summary of activities carried out between January 1 to April 30, 2014 in the areas of Public Consultation, Aboriginal Engagement and Landowner Relations.

Find the complete update on the National Energy Board's website.