UPDATE - June 4, 2014: Trans Mountain responded to about half of the 122 Intervenors who submitted Information requests to us in early May. Our responses cover some 3,000 of the 10,000 total questions received and were submitted to the National Energy Board (NEB).

Trans Mountain asked for, and received a two-week extension from the NEB to answer the remaining questions, and we will be working diligently to get through them by June 18.

UPDATE - June 2, 2014: Trans Mountain received an extension to answer the 10,000 information requests (IRs) submitted by 122 Intervenors. The extension provides an additional two weeks to provide full and adequate responses to all IRs, requiring responses to be filed by June 18, 2014.

The NEB also increased the amount of time for Intervenors to review the IR responses and provide any motions regarding the adequacy of those responses, by one week. The new Motions Day #1 is July 4, 2014.

These new dates are included in the Revised Hearing Events and Steps Table that covers the next steps in the regulatory process.

Read the letter from the NEB granting the extension.

Trans Mountain has today filed a notice of motion with the National Energy Board (NEB) requesting an extension to the June 4 deadline to respond to Round 1 information requests from Intervenors.

Since receiving more than 10,000 questions earlier this month, we have worked, and continue to work, diligently to provide full and adequate responses to all information requests that we believe are relevant to the List of Issues identified by the NEB. Despite these efforts, because of the large number of information requests posed, Trans Mountain simply cannot respond with full and adequate responses and is asking for the deadline to be extended to June 27.

Trans Mountain expects to complete responses from about half of the 122 Intervenors who chose to submit questions, by the original deadline of June 4.

"Our team has been working around the clock to answer every question within the scope of the NEB review thoughtfully and with care. The questions cover a variety of subjects including marine operations, environment, engineering, finance and emergency and spill response and in some cases, are very detailed and involved,” said Scott Stoness, Kinder Morgan Canada’s Vice President of Regulatory and Finance. “Our motion proposes an extension to this deadline, but we’re hopeful it won’t impact the overall review period set out by the NEB."

Information requests are an opportunity for the NEB or an Intervenor to ask written questions or request additional information about the project or Trans Mountain’s Application – both the questions and the responses are posted on the NEB’s website.

Fast Facts:

  • Trans Mountain answered some 300 questions submitted by the NEB in a 1,437 page response on May 14
  • 398 Intervenors have full process rights – the greatest number of Intervenors to participate in any NEB hearing
  • 122 of those Intervenors chose to submit information requests in Round 1 and submitted approximately 10,000 questions
  • 1,250 individuals and organizations given Commenter status by the NEB are slated to submit their letters of comment in the fall

See our letter to the NEB here.

For more information on our Application to the NEB, or to see our responses to the NEB’s information requests, visit our website.

To learn more about the NEB’s hearing process, watch this video.