Through our Community Benefits Program, we’re committed to investing in communities that may be impacted by construction or operation along the proposed pipeline route. Through many conversations and engaging with communities over the last two and a half years we recognize what each community highly values, and so our priority areas of investment are community programs & infrastructure improvements, environmental stewardship, as well as education & training.

Community programs and infrastructure improvement

Along with the economic benefits provided by land access agreements and annual property tax payments paid throughout the lifetime of the pipeline, communities will see financial contributions that go above and beyond compensation for land access; subject to project approval. These investments could include anything from improvements to local emergency management to enhancements to trails, parks or infrastructure, or support for local education programs.

Environmental Stewardship

We’re dedicated to protecting the environment along the proposed pipeline corridor. In addition to mitigation and reclamation, we’re always looking to enhance the integrity, function and recreational opportunity of the areas that may be disturbed by project construction. Our Environmental Stewardship Program focuses on:

  • Aquatic ecosystems and fish habitat – From Alberta to BC, the proposed route will cross a number of fish bearing watercourses and wetlands. We are seeking out opportunities to restore secure, or enhance elements of these aquatic ecosystems where possible.
  • BC Parks – The proposed route traverses five BC Parks and recreational areas and we understand the importance of these areas. We’re looking to use leading science to advance industry-best practices to achieve the best possible results in re-establishing grassland ecosystems, and expand reclamation techniques. . The goal is to enhance these protected lands in consideration of any impact that may be caused during construction.

Education and Training

We are working with key institutions to support students in trades, technology and environmental programs related to the pipeline industry. We strongly believe in the legacy of the proposed expansion will create in education and training opportunities; not just through employment and jobs on the project, but also within the local construction and trades industry.

We are continuing the conversation with communities along the line, and are committed to providing direct benefits to those communities along the proposed corridor.