As part of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, substantial work has gone into determining environmental impacts and determining mitigation methods to reduce the impact to the environment. Trans Mountain’s goal is to protect the environment, to have as little impact as possible, and where there is an impact, to ensure the land is returned to its original function.

As part of the Facilities Application filed with the National Energy Board (NEB) in December 2013, Trans Mountain submitted three draft Environmental Protection Plans (EPPs) for the proposed pipeline, facilities and Westridge Marine Terminal. These EPPs describe mitigation measures and their adequacy for addressing Project effects.

Volume 6A presents plans for environmental compliance, including our commitment to environmental protection, pre-construction activities, environmental education for construction personnel, inspection and monitoring during construction, and post-construction monitoring. Volume 6B6C and 6D present the environmental protection plans for the pipeline itself, the pipeline facilities and Westridge Marine Terminal, respectively.

As part of Trans Mountain’s ongoing efforts to promote dialogue around our draft EPPs before they are finalized in early 2016, a series of half-day workshops with local subject experts took place on May 19 – 20, 2015. The workshops took place in Coquitlam (Fraser River Crossing), Burnaby (Brunette River), Surrey (Bend Park) and Langley with each workshop focusing on the EPP in the local community.

The facilitated workshops offered an overview of the draft EPPs and proposed reclamation and mitigation methods. Project subject matter experts then facilitated discussion on the topics included in the draft EPPs most relevant to each region in order to gather feedback. Discussion topics included:

  • Municipal and Local Parks and Protected Areas
  • Reclamation and Environmental Mitigation
  • Vegetation (i.e., rare plants and ecological communities, rare species)
  • Watercourse Crossings and Fish Habitat
  • Wetlands
  • Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat
  • Workshops like these are a vital component of the proposed Project as feedback, questions, concerns and comments will help Trans Mountain develop a better proposal, and ultimately, a better project. More EPP workshops are currently planned for the fall and will cover areas in Alberta, the BC Interior, Fraser Valley and marine interests.