Today, Trans Mountain stood in front of the National Energy Board (NEB) panel reviewing its proposed Expansion Project to deliver its final argument. The 60-minute presentation highlighted the need for and benefits of an expanded Trans Mountain Pipeline and summarized the many years of technical and scientific evidence, design and engineering work and engagement undertaken by the company.

The oral presentation, delivered by Trans Mountain’s legal counsel, marks a significant milestone for the company in the regulatory review process almost two years to the day after filing its 16,000 page Facilities Application on December 16, 2013.

Kinder Morgan Canada President Ian Anderson attended the hearing and adds, “Now, more than ever our Project makes sense for Canada. The evidence we’ve presented demonstrates the demand for much-needed access to global markets and how that access trickles down to a very local level. Building this pipeline will bring both dollars and many thousands of jobs for communities in BC, Alberta at a time when our economy needs it most.”

During construction and the first 20 years of operation will result in higher netbacks to producers of $73.5 billion. This would result in a total of $28.2 billion in federal and provincial taxes and royalties and will create more than 123,000 person years of employment. See more economic benefits of the proposed Project here.

“The scrutiny and rigour this Project has undergone, both inside and outside of the formal NEB process, is unprecedented in Canada,” added Anderson. “We believe we can build this Project in consideration of the environment, First Nations and communities. Our commitment to considering input from those interested and presenting the very best scientific and technical evidence to both the public and the regulator has brought us to where we are today.”

For more than two years, Trans Mountain has participated in the regulatory review process since the filing of its 16,000-page Facilities Application in December 2013. Throughout the process Trans Mountain has answered more than 17,000 questions, participated in Aboriginal Oral Hearings, considered evidence filed by Intervenors and has concluded the review with today’s Oral Summary Arguments presented to the NEB Hearing panel in Calgary, AB.

Today’s presentation is an oral summary of the company’s Written Final Argument filed December 15, 2105.