From planning and permitting, to construction and transportation, building 980 kilometres of new pipeline and associated facilities requires a variety of skilled workers and materials.


Overall the Project will generate approximately 123,000 person-years of employment during Project development and operations. At the peak of construction, 14,000 people will be working on the pipeline expansion.

The opportunities will span a wide variety of responsibilities, skill levels and trade specializations. Trans Mountain is committed to pursuing employment and business opportunities for Aboriginal, local and regional groups along the proposed pipeline corridor.


In addition, the expansion is anticipated to require approximately $4.5 billion in goods and services during construction. For example, the Project will require more than 25,000 m³ of concrete and in excess of 60,000 tonnes of steel to construct terminal facilities.


It will also require a combined total of 125 large-diameter mainline block and check valves and more than 300,000 tonnes of steel pipe.


And, more than 330,000 m³ of fill will need to be transported to and from construction sites, which means opportunities for trucking and transportation companies.


If the expansion is approved, construction will take place in a phased approach between 2016 and 2019. In order to meet our commitments, we’ve been working to identify capacity. Our procurement registry was launched in fall of 2013 and close to 1,500 companies have signed up as of December 2015.


We are now working to make sure we capture as much information as possible in time for both Trans Mountain and its general contractors to connect with local and regional businesses. All individuals and companies signing up through the registry will receive a call from the procurement team and will be provided with additional information regarding pre-qualification requirements.

Information about the jobs and employment opportunities for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, including the procurement registry and the jobs registry are available here.