Today, Kinder Morgan Canada (KMC) conducted an Emergency Response Exercise on Nicola River in Merritt, BC as part of the National Energy Board’s (NEB) Emergency Management Program evaluation. The full-scale deployment exercise simulated product release and response on the Nicola River. No oil or simulated product was released during the planned exercise.

The exercise provided an opportunity for KMC response personnel to practice the activation of its pipeline Emergency Response Plan. The drill also included implementing a coordinated response at a staged Incident Command Post with participants between local emergency management agencies and responders, including: The National Energy Board, BC Ministry of Environment, Merritt Fire Rescue, Kamloops Fire Rescue, Lower Nicola Indian Band, and Emergency Management British Columbia.


“As part of the company’s ongoing operations, exercises like these demonstrate how practicing and training prevents pipeline incidents and prepares us for quick response and recovery in the unlikely event of an incident,” said Jamie Kereliuk, Director of Emergency Management, Kinder Morgan Canada. “We are proud of our responsible operating history and our long commitment of working together with agencies and first responders to ensure the communities where we operate in are prepared.”

As a federally regulated company KMC is required to conduct emergency response exercises and be evaluated. Each year, KMC conducts approximately 20 emergency management training sessions which include equipment deployments, table-top and communication exercises.

Today’s exercise demonstrates KMC has:

  • the technical capability and trained personnel to respond to an emergency which includes deploying equipment
  • the ability to communicate information to emergency agencies and the public during an incident
  • complied with NEB regulations

The next company emergency drill is scheduled in Valemount, BC in late May 2016. For more information on pipeline safety, please go here.