As part of our ongoing commitment to safety and emergency preparedness, Kinder Morgan Canada (KMC) conducted an emergency response exercise at the Kamloops Terminal this week. This is the first of a series of required and regulated fire deployment exercises that will be held at each terminal on the Trans Mountain Pipeline system throughout the summer.

This exercise allowed opportunity for personnel to practice the terminal’s emergency response plan and train in equipment deployment. KMC staff and local first responder participants, including Kamloops Fire and Rescue were able to enhance their response skills of storage tank fire incidents. Practicing together supports KMC’s mutual aid agreement with Kamloops Fire and Rescue.

The training exercise simulated a fire in the roof seal of a storage tank and the safe and efficient response required to mitigate such an incident, including the use of primary fixed-foam system and secondary fire-extinguishing systems. No actual oil product or fire foam was released as part of the exercise.

At the terminal today, each tank has fire detection capability. Either fire “eyes,” which look down at the roof from the top of the tank and can detect light as small as a camera flash, or fire wires, which sit around the circumference of the roof will alarm in the event of a fire. Both methods of detection will set off alarms in the control room, which is monitored 24/7. When an alarm sounds, the control room will immediately dispatch staff to investigate.

In the unlikely event of a tank fire, the fire is fought by applying foam to extinguish the fire by cutting off the supply of oxygen. The foam, which is a mixture of water, air and foam concentrate, is dispersed onto the affected area on the roof and if necessary, additional foam cannons are activated to direct foam onto the tank.

KMC is required by its regulators to have an Emergency Management Program that anticipates, prevents, manages and mitigates conditions during the unlikely event of an emergency. Regular training and exercises are integral to KMC’s safety and emergency preparedness program to ensure a quick and efficient response.

The next fire deployment exercise is scheduled for the Edmonton Terminal in July.