Where the Trans Mountain pipeline runs through urban areas, especially in residential neighborhoods, it’s important we work with the community when maintenance is required along the right-of-way.

The pipeline was built sixty years ago, so in many neighbourhoods, such as the Riverbend community in Edmonton, Alberta, many of the homes were built after the pipeline. The right-of-way in this area provides a green space and popular walking path connecting subdivisions. So when Kinder Morgan Canada (KMC) approached the neighbourhood about plans for required maintenance, which included removal of trees to ensure integrity of the pipeline, it was vital the neighbours were informed and involved.

As part of that process, a Community Task Force was formed in 2012 that included residents of Riverbend and Westridge Wolf Willow, and co-chaired by the City of Edmonton. The group met regularly with representatives from KMC and the City to discuss vegetation management plans and options to minimize impacts on the shared green space.

After three years of planning, KMC, members of the Community Task Force and the City of Edmonton hosted two pop-up community information sessions to provide further details on the vegetation management work scheduled to take place July through October, 2016. As a result of the extensive consultation efforts, the plans include selective tree removal, off-set planting of new trees and shrubs and post-project restoration of the area. The work will address large trees and shrubs that are too close to the pipeline and may interfere with safe pipeline operations or cause operational safety risks. Tree removal in the affected areas will be limited on the right-of-way to 6 metres (3 metres on either side of the pipeline centerline).

In 2012, KMC began maintenance work on portions of the right-of-way in Riverbend and Westridge Wolf Willow along Whitemud Creek and the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Since then, KMC, the Community Task Force and the City of Edmonton met several times to understand the community interests of the vegetation management work and the impact to the neighborhood. In 2015, KMC submitted the vegetation management plan, Phase 1 - Riverbend, to the City of Edmonton for review. In February 2016, the City approved the plan. Phase 2 – Westridge Wolf Willow, is subject to further consultation and a separate application to the City. KMC is committed to completing the vegetation management work and meeting regulatory requirements posed by the National Energy Board (NEB).

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