Trans Mountain has a long history of community connections. For close to 65 years, we’ve worked hard to be a good neighbour and it’s very important for us to continue to have a good relationship with the people in the communities where we operate.

During construction of the Expansion Project, our goal is to create clear and open communication channels with the communities that will be impacted by construction activities to provide timely information and address local interests, issues and concerns.

In order to help us achieve this goal, we’ll have community liaisons and construction liaisons. Each contractor will select a construction liaison and the community liaisons are from Trans Mountain’s Stakeholder Engagement and Communications team. Liaisons may support more than one community along the Project corridor, however, all communities along the route will have a liaison they can go to. 

The liaisons will work collaboratively to create an information flow and be a community point-of-contact for Project-related inquiries and concerns. The liaisons will gather and collect data and feedback for regulatory reporting and participate in community events to share Project information with landowners, Aboriginal groups, local governments and neighbours. 

Trans Mountain values the positive working relationships we have built with local governments along the Project corridor, and our goal is to foster collaboration and continue the dialogue to understand any concerns and mitigate them where we can. The community liaison will maintain relationships with local government officials and stakeholders during the construction phase of the Expansion Project.

The liaisons will continue to be a point-of-contact for the duration of construction until the new pipeline is in operation.

We’re proudly building on our history of positive working relationships and we look forward to creating lasting legacies for the future.