Trans Mountain reached a significant milestone on September 29, 2017 when we kicked off construction of the Expansion Project at our Westridge Marine Terminal. This portion of the Project is a very important part of our construction program, and work has now begun to build the new three-berth dock complex.

Safety on land and water is always Trans Mountain’s top priority. Our construction activities will be undertaken with the safety of workers, our neighbours and the marine community first and foremost.

View a higher resolution version of the map here.

Typical of waterfront construction, most activities will occur from the water using floating equipment such as ship-mounted cranes, barges, tugs and work boats. In order to protect workers and marine waterway users in the area, the work area for Westridge will be defined by a floating construction safety boom within a defined construction safety zone. The Canadian Coast Guard has and will continue to disseminate Notices to Shipping and the construction safety boom is marked with appropriate navigation lighting and marks, as indicated in the image above.  

We will regularly communicate and update all marine waterway users through a variety of methods, such as our website and updates to Notices to Shipping. On-water safety vessels will provide information as required and can be contacted using VHF radio channels 09 or 16; however, marine waterway users are encouraged to take extra caution when nearing the area and to familiarize themselves with safety protocols while on the water. Large commercial vessels navigating the area will continue to follow the well-established vessel movement practices under pilotage.

It’s very important for us to continue to have a good relationship with the people in the communities where we operate. We want to minimize disruption to neighbours and marine users, and ensure we’re regularly communicating our construction plans.

Trans Mountain and its contractors have incorporated mitigation strategies into the management plans, including Construction Environmental Management Plans, Traffic Management Plans and plans to mitigate noise, lighting and emissions.

As the Project progresses, we’ll continue to share new information with our neighbours about the terminal and dock redevelopment and address questions and concerns. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our information line.