As part of our ongoing commitment to safety and emergency preparedness, Kinder Morgan Canada Limited (KML) conducted an emergency response exercise on June 22 within our Burnaby Terminal. The purpose of the exercise was to practice KML’s Fire Pre-Plan for Burnaby Terminal and deploy fire response equipment for the terminal to ensure an effective response in the unlikely event of an emergency. The exercise provided an opportunity for KML to develop and enhance response skills to fire incidents with the primary focus on safety and use of proper response equipment.

Exercise participants included KML staff and contractors and the exercise was observed by the City of Burnaby Fire Department, industry partners and the National Energy Board. The exercise included two days of classroom training followed by deployment of equipment to practice response to a simulated scenario involving a fire at the terminal. The exercise was a success and participants demonstrated safe and efficient response to the hypothetical scenario.

Regular training and exercises are integral to KML’s safety and emergency preparedness program to ensure a quick and efficient response. “This was a great opportunity to demonstrate and practice our Fire Pre-Plan and use of response equipment. It was good to work with all of the external parties present so they’re aware of our emergency response protocols in the unlikely event of a fire,” said Kelly Malinoski, Manager, Emergency Management.