Ledcor Sicim Limited Partnerhip is the general contractor for the majority of the North Thompson portion of the Project (Spreads 3 and 4A). We recently connected with them to learn more about the company, job opportunities and the work to be carried out.

Tell us a bit about your companies’ experience with energy infrastructure construction

Ledcor Sicim Limited Partnership (LSLP) was formed to pursue mountainous pipeline projects in British Columbia. The partners bring more than 120 years of pipeline experience, offering innovative solutions to pipeline construction and striving for continuous improvement. The partnership offers significant value and opportunities in the areas of safety, quality, productivity and environmental stewardship.

Ledcor is a Vancouver-based, multidisciplinary contractor that has been building pipelines across Canada for 70 years. Ledcor is made up of teams of people who are proven in their industries — all working to design, build, transport, operate and maintain projects across North America. Ledcor believes in building trust in the places where we do business. We focus on safety first, engaging with local communities and stakeholders and giving back to our project neighbours.

Sicim (pronounced SEECH-um) is a worldwide player in the upstream oil and gas construction field, in operation for more than 55 years. Sicim specializes in high pressure and large-diameter pipeline installation with unmatched ability to work in remote and mountainous areas — tackling special construction works such as steep slopes, swampy areas and special crossings. Sicim has achieved a global footprint with 15 active branches and has installed more than 15,000 kilometres of pipelines worldwide (Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas) through all types of terrain and weather conditions.

Tell us about your partnership’s mission statement and core values

LSLP believes in building trust in the places we do business — whether that is by engaging honestly, giving back, putting safety first or looking for smarter, more sustainable ways to get the job done right.

Our vision is to guarantee the safety of all employees, workers and third parties involved in the Project, respect the environment, protect local communities and engage with First Nations, while promoting sustainable values and business ethics.

Our partnership is built on five shared values:

  • Safety — Zero accidents through best practices
  • Quality — Continuous measurements and improvement
  • Integrity — Ethical, honest, consistent, highly regarded
  • Sustainability — Balancing people, planet and profit
  • Success — Client and employee satisfaction, shareholder value

Tell us about your approach to dealing with unique construction challenges.

LSLP will deploy experienced key staff that will use a structured and uncompromising approach to risk assessment that includes environmental protection, safety management and state-of-the-art equipment fleets.

Sicim was recently recognized by the International Pipeline & Offshore Contractor Association (IPLOCA) for in-house development of a front winch excavator, an innovative solution for the installation of pipeline along steep slopes. This innovative solution will be used on this Project and is an example of LSLP’s technical capabilities.

What’s your process for hiring the construction crews and related workers for TMEP?

LSLP will maximize employment, training and business opportunities. Along with TMEP, we are committed to involving Aboriginal communities and local and regional stakeholders who are interested in working on the Project.

LSLP will communicate our employment opportunities and the application process through a series of community and stakeholder engagements. In the meantime, please contact us at [email protected] with your resume if you are interested in working with LSLP.