170713_Fire_equipment.jpg?mtime=20170727170122#asset:9004file photoThis week our Interior BC Pipeline Protection and Operations team took precautionary measures to protect the Trans Mountain Pipeline system as wildfires advanced and devastated many parts of the province. Our thoughts are with all people affected by these events.

We have been continually monitoring the wildfire situation in the vicinity of the Blackpool Station near Little Fort, BC to closely determine the potential for any impact to the pipeline system.

As part of our commitment to emergency preparedness many preventative steps have been taken including removing brush and vegetation along some parts of the right-of-way to create a fire break and installing sprinklers around the perimeter of the fenced pump station to keep the area wet. On-site we have a full fire-water pool and access to resources to apply fire retardant gel to the station, if necessary.  

If a fire begins to impinge on one of our facility locations or a block valve site, we would consider plans to shut down and isolate those facilities until the fire risk is mitigated. These isolation valves exist along the pipeline with fire-safe design and meet applicable standards. Our facilities also have emergency shut down protection procedures in place to isolate them from the mainline, including automatic fire detection systems and gravel covered surfaces. If a shut down is necessary, once deemed safe to enter the area, our facilities would be carefully inspected to ensure there was no damage from the fire before restarting.

We are continuously monitoring the current wildfire situation and are in regular communication with the provincial Emergency Response Centre.

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