We met Randal Bergman at the Trans Mountain Expansion Project Information Session in the Fraser Heights neighbourhood in Surrey, BC. We asked Bergman why the Project is important to him as a Surrey resident and we learned he is among many others that support the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. We took the opportunity to learn more from him

Tell us your connection to the Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

Our family home is located on a cul-de-sac with a green belt in the back. The green belt slopes downward until it meets the South Fraser Perimeter Road. Once the pipeline is built, there will only be a few homes closer or as close to the pipeline as ours.

There is a natural gas pipeline that runs right through Fraser Heights. We all seem to enjoy the heat the gas provides.

Why do you support the Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

I was born in BC and am blessed to live here and enjoy so many things BC and Canada have to offer. We pay a small amount for the medical services we receive. Most of you have your children or grandchildren in the school system. Even if they are in a private school, a portion of the funding comes from the provincial government. We also benefit from an infrastructure that adds to the stable lifestyle so many of us and our families enjoy.

We have all won the lottery by living here.

What is your message to those who haven’t decided whether or not they support the Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

Think of the greater good – of all the benefits we will have in the future:

  • The medical services we will need
  • The schools that need to be upgraded and built
  • The infrastructure that needs constant attention with replacements and new additions
  • The many governmental services that a healthy society requires

I believe the benefits we will receive in new jobs and taxes will outweigh any perceived dangers.