As part of its ongoing commitment to safety and emergency preparedness, Kinder Morgan Canada Limited (KML) conducted an emergency response exercise on the Fraser River at McDonald Beach Park in Richmond, BC on October 3 and 4, 2017. The purpose of the exercise was to practice KML’s Emergency Response Plan for the Trans Mountain Jet Fuel Pipeline system. Other objectives of the exercise included confirming viable spill control points along the Fraser River and refreshing personnel experience with boom deployment and towing skills in a river environment. No oil or simulated product was released in to the water during the exercise.

The first day of the exercise consisted of land-based spill response training, setup and deployment of equipment, and the second day included an on-water deployment on the Fraser River. Some of the equipment used during this exercise included a containment boom, response boats, response trailers and an environmental protection unit. Approximately 25 KML personnel participated in the exercise and external observers such as the City of Richmond, Vancouver Airport Authority, BC Ministry of Environment, Canadian Coast Guard and the National Energy Board were also in attendance. The emergency response exercise was successful. KML participants demonstrated the ability to manage and mitigate conditions in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Regular training and exercises are integral to KML’s safety and emergency preparedness program to ensure a quick and efficient response. “Our personnel deployed the containment and recovery equipment in a safe and effective manner,” said Kelly Malinoski, our Manager of Emergency Management. “Overall the exercise was a valuable opportunity to put our emergency response plans into action and demonstrate a high level of preparedness.”