During almost 65 years of operations, we’ve developed a mature suite of programs that maximize pipeline safety by focusing on preventing pipeline failures.

Trans Mountain’s comprehensive and robust Pipeline Integrity Management Program encompasses a broad spectrum of preventive measures to ensure pipeline soundness and reliability, safety of the public and employees, and protection of the environment.

These preventive measures include continuous 24/7 monitoring of the pipeline, pipeline inspections and investigations, natural hazards management and corrosion protection programs, damage prevention and public awareness programs.

Internal inspection tools, also known as smart pigs, are used to detect a variety of pipeline defects and form the foundation of our anomaly detection investigation and pipeline repair programs.

As part of our Integrity Management Program, on August 16, 2017, Kinder Morgan Canada Limited conducted an internal inspection on the Burlington to Anacortes segment of the Trans Mountain Puget Sound Pipeline system. The data gathered by the tool informs us of any defects like dents, metal loss, gouges or other differences in pipeline condition that may indicate an issue.

When a smart pig runs through the pipeline, a report is generated following a detailed analysis by the tool vendor. Our Integrity group receives the report, assesses the findings and puts together a plan to expeditiously investigate any anomalies that have been identified. Safety remains our number one priority. Our internal investigation program helps ensure the pipeline continues to operate safely and reliably and promotes the long-term integrity of our pipeline system.