Trans Mountain’s Burnaby Terminal is currently home to tributaries to Silver Creek and Eagle Creek. These watercourses are surface-flowing upslope of the terminal and are currently culverted for some or all of their extent through the terminal.

To accommodate the expansion of Burnaby Terminal as part of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP), both sets of tributaries will be relocated into new culverts for their full length across the facility. Both Silver Creek tributaries will be diverted into separate culverts, and the Eagle Creek tributaries will be diverted into one culvert with a short diversion culvert connecting the two. Culverting is scheduled to occur in Q1 2018. After this work, the discharge volumes will remain the same as they were pre-construction.

See a full size version of the diagram here.

Mitigation efforts will be in place for these watercourse diversions, which include a Water Management Plan, an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, and environmental monitoring during construction and reclamation of inlet and outlet areas right after the diversion to minimize risk of soil erosion.

Our Facilities Environmental Protection Plan for Burnaby Terminal outlines our environmental procedures and mitigation measures at the terminal. These include pre-construction environmental resource protection; the prevention of construction-related materials or debris from entering watercourses and; the installation of erosion and sediment control measures to prevent surface water from entering natural drainage systems, watercourses or wetlands.