Kinder Morgan Canada (KMC) values its local relationships and strives to be a good neighbour and community partner. We recently hosted a Grade 1/2 class from Westridge Elementary School at our Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby for a salmon release with our partners at the Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada (DFO).

The day began with a brief safety discussion, and then the fun got underway. Students released the salmon at the sea pen, participated in a scavenger hunt and completed a salmon-related craft.

The main event was at a sea pen located on a dock at the terminal. KMC staff members take great care of the salmon that are raised within the pen, making sure they’re fed each day. It was on this Friday the fish were finally ready to be released into the ocean. First, Sandra and Scott from the DFO showed the children some examples of ocean life, such as seaweed and barnacles. Next, they distributed the salmon into buckets for each child, who then deposited the fish into the ocean. Despite the rain, the class thoroughly enjoyed sending the fish off on their new journey.