Each year Kinder Morgan Canada conducts more than 20 exercises, equipment deployment drills and training opportunities on the Trans Mountain Pipeline and system.  We invite local agencies, first responders, key stakeholders and Aboriginal groups to participate or observe.

As part of our commitment to work together with Aboriginal communities to prepare for and respond to a potential incident, KMC maintains an Emergency Management Program that focuses on pipeline safety, awareness and emergency training. We want to ensure all the communities we operate in are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Recently, Tzeachten First Nation located near Chilliwack, British Columbia, lead a table-top emergency drill in partnership with Trans Mountain and with participation from Chilliwack Fire Department  and local RCMP.  The mock scenario involved a pipeline release along the right-of-way which traverses the Tzeachten community. The exercise included activation of the Tzeachten Community Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to communicate information to the community, and practicing a mock evacuation of five nearby homes.   Members from our emergency response team were on hand to liaise between community members and emergency responders participating in the drill.

Trans Mountain also displayed emergency response equipment, including showcasing one of its Oil Spill Containment and Response (OSCAR) truck at the Tzeachten community hall.

Exercises like these help provide training for communities and create awareness of our Emergency Management Program (EMP), as well as the response equipment available to protect local communities and the environment.   We are committed to working together to support coordinated training and exercising plans with key stakeholders and communities.