The Trans Mountain Expansion Project will increase the value of Canadian oil by unlocking access to world markets.

These include new jobs in the short and long term, job-related training opportunities and increases in taxes collected through all three levels of government.

Here are some examples:

  • 15,000 new jobs during construction  
  • By increasing Canada’s capacity to get resources to market, producers will see $73.5 billion in increased revenues over 20 years
  • Federal and provincial governments will see $46.7 billion in additional taxes and royalties from construction and 20 years of operation, higher producer revenues and additional tanker traffic
    • British Columbia receives $5.7 billion
    • Alberta receives $19.4 billion
    • The rest of Canada shares $21.6 billion
  • More than $400 million committed to Indigenous groups under mutual benefit and capacity agreements
  • $64.7 million to fund an Indigenous pipeline environment committee to ensure ongoing monitoring of the Project
  • Trans Mountain is facilitating the largest-ever expansion of spill response personnel and equipment on the BC coast, a $150-million, 20-year investment by Western Canada Marine Response Corporation that doubles response capacity and cuts mandated response times by half in South Coast waters