We have a commitment to transparency, and a responsibility to Canada and Canadians to deliver energy in a safe and responsible manner. Those are the messages from the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) as the organization celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Reflecting on this milestone, Chris Bloomer, the president and CEO of CEPA, says the industry is working together more than ever before to reach the collective goal of zero incidents, and the work CEPA and its members are doing contributes to the success of the country’s energy industry and the health of the Canadian economy.

CEPA represents 11 of Canada’s transmission pipeline companies, including Kinder Morgan Canada Limited, who operate approximately 119,000 kilometres of pipeline in Canada and 16,000 kilometres in the United States. CEPA members move approximately 1.4 billion barrels of liquid petroleum products and 5.6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas each year. In fact, 97 per cent of Canada’s daily crude oil and natural gas is moved throughout North America by CEPA members.

For the past 25 years, CEPA has been a strong voice for the energy transmission pipeline industry and has been working tirelessly to improve safety and environmental protection, and increase accountability and transparency. The organization facilitates the sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources to help achieve the collective goals. And, the efforts have produced results, as members now have a 99.999 per cent safety record.

Moving forward, programs like the CEPA Integrity First® program will help the organization continuously improve performance and safety. CEPA established the program in 2013 and it is a condition of CEPA membership. The program brings the industry together to collaborate and challenge each other’s practices – going beyond regulation and demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement throughout the lifecycle of the pipeline.

And, the CEPA Foundation takes improvement to another level. The foundation brings a variety of stakeholders from the pipeline industry together – from engineers and manufacturers, to land and environmental service companies – to facilitate research, develop innovations and improve overall industry performance.

Together, CEPA members have been able to turn innovation into economic prosperity. Its members produced $11.5 billion in contributions to Canada’s economy in 2015. In 2016, members invested $7.9 billion in capital projects, directly employed nearly 14,000 people in Canada and contributed $1.5 billion in government tax revenues. The 25th anniversary is an important milestone for CEPA, but it’s the organization’s goal of continuous improvement in safety and environmental protection that will set the stage for the next 25 years of success.