As construction continues at Westridge Marine Terminal and as we get closer to the start of construction in other locations, there are a number of preparatory activities that will be taking place.

In Burnaby, neighbours of our Burnaby Terminal may notice new signage at facilities. These were installed according to a BC Supreme Court Injunction Order issued to ensure work on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project is not obstructed.

At our Burnaby Terminal, preparatory work is currently underway. We are working to place a permanent double-fence system on existing Trans Mountain property. This work requires selective removal of vegetation and trees at the fence line. The Trans Mountain Trail remains open for neighbourhood enjoyment.

In the coming weeks, we will begin to relocate existing infrastructure within our Burnaby Terminal property. This will include moving equipment to the site, preparing worksites by removing brush and trees, installing temporary roadways and relocating existing pipes to make way for new infrastructure during construction.

We are committed to keeping our neighbours and those interested informed as construction proceeds. We encourage you to sign up to receive construction updates and learn more about construction in Burnaby here.